"Treasure Island Reborn 2008" Annual NorCal MR2 Meet

Treasure Island (San Francisco, CA)
@ Fogwatch Picnic Area
Saturday, 08/09/2008
9:00am - 4:30pm

aw11, sw20, zzw30 (spyder), ae86
and previous MR2 owners now with other vehicles: Supra, RX7, S2000, Miata, Nissan 240, etc.

09:00am - 10:00am Arrival & unload food & supplies.
Vehicles will be organized by color and/or generation in preparation for pre-photoshoot.
Pre-Registration parking at designated spaces.
10:30am - 11:30am Panoramic photo shoot of everyone.
This will be closer to one of the buildings to take a wide panoramic photo (sort of like 2004).
11:30am Start charcoals and begin cooking
12:00pm - 02:00pm Lunch Time
02:00pm - 02:45pm Announcement & Raffle/Prizes
03:00pm - 03:30pm Clean-up
03:30pm Cruise & Drive (top drivers may setup)

Rules & Regulations to abide by:
Please be respectful responsible adults. Thus we will be respected.
No bad attitude. No tension. No fights. Keep those at home.
Respect this Federal land means no littering.
Dispose trash in our designated trash bags. Pick up after yourself.
No revving engines. No burn outs.
No super bass bumping from car stereos. It's a BBQ gathering, not a ghetto club.
No reason to attract CHP or State Police or Park Ranger to disrupt us.
We've planned and paid too much money for kids to screw the rest over.
** Please carovan in groups for new folks & veterans. **
Do not ditch members to arrive 1st to show off your car.
We'll see everyone's car there & the rush for being #1 means nothing.
If I hear of anyone ditching a carovan for his/her own personal glory,
he/she will be fed lunch LAST. I uphold this right as co-organizer.
I do not tolerate disrespect & selfishness.
This is a community as a family and we stand strong behind this bloodline.
Go eat yourself if you plan to think of yourself before others.
You'll be by yourself.

Food & drink
1st 75 are guaranteed Parking Space in Main Lot
Registered cars will receive a Goodie Bag (name badge & new decal)

** PRE-REGISTRATION ($10) is highly recommended to reserve main MR2 parking lot. **
Main lot = 75 spaces (+/- 5).
Overflow lot = Additional parking for non-MR2 friends/family

Hot dogs & burgers (Chicken or Beef or limited vegetarian)
Chicken wings
Soda & water bottle
Please pot-luck anything you wish to share with us
Food (fruits/candy/dessert/appetizers)
- Forks, catchup, mustard, relish, plates, napkins, garbage bags, igloo, ice chest, ice, Raffle Tickets, Big Raffle Bowl
Extras are always helpful in case my supplies run out.

1 HID kit
1 Pegasus Headlight Conversion
Hyperwhite bulbs
Air Freshners
Other various car related items

HOW TO PRE-REGISTER ($10) and/or Contribute DONATION:

Subject: Annual MR2 Meet 2008
Body: MR2oc board name / Real name / Home City / aw11/sw20/spyder Color / Attending YES or No / Donation Yes or No

1 registered vehicle = 1 driver free lunch voucher
each extra passenger in a vehicle must contribute $10/each for lunch.
Each person who wants to eat must support with a $10 contribution.
$10 does not feed an entire village.
i.e. 4 ppl in car = $10 per head x 4

This helps us know how much food to prepare.

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