Tommy's MR2 Shop Day
at Fred's Shop
with master assistance from Fred & Darren
" Thanks for the labor & facility usage !! "
( San Francisco, California )


* Poterfield street brake pads
* PowerSlot cryo rotors
* SS brake lines
* ATE brake fluid
* Swaybar urethane bushings & brackets
* Control arm Urethane bushings
* SS end links
* Front reinforce plates
* PWR aluminum radiator
* SPAL fans
* Toyota/Falcon/TRW ball joints
* Koni sport yellow adj. struts
* Oil change & Toyota oil filter
* Toyota Long Life coolant & Arrowhead distilled water & Toyota thermostat
* New Bridgstone tire swapping for Mercedes Benz C230

DSC01465 DSC01471 DSC01467
DSC01468 DSC01463 DSC01466
DSC01464 DSC01469 DSC01472
DSC01473 DSC01474 DSC01475
DSC01476 DSC01477 DSC01478
DSC01612 DSC01613 DSC01644
DSC01614 DSC01646 DSC01647
DSC01616 DSC01479 DSC01480
DSC01483 DSC01481 DSC01482
DSC01484 DSC01485 DSC01486
DSC01487 DSC01488 DSC01490
DSC01491 DSC01492 DSC01493
DSC01495 DSC01496 DSC01497
DSC01498 DSC01499 DSC01500
DSC01501 DSC01502 DSC01504
DSC01503 DSC01506 DSC01507
DSC01508 DSC01510 DSC01513
DSC01514 DSC01459 DSC01511
DSC01512 DSC01509 DSC01515
DSC01516 DSC01517 DSC01519
DSC01520 DSC01521 DSC01522
DSC01523 DSC01525 DSC01526
DSC01527 DSC01528 DSC01529
DSC01530 DSC01531 DSC01534
DSC01535 DSC01536 DSC01537
DSC01538 DSC01539 DSC01540
DSC01541 DSC01542 DSC01543
DSC01545 DSC01546 DSC01547
DSC01548 DSC01549 DSC01550
DSC01551 DSC01552 DSC01553
DSC01555 DSC01554 DSC01556
DSC01557 DSC01558 DSC01560
DSC01559 DSC01584 DSC01585
DSC01606 DSC01602 DSC01603
DSC01604 DSC01605 DSC01607
DSC01608 DSC01609 DSC01621
DSC01622 DSC01623 DSC01624
DSC01625 DSC01626 DSC01642
DSC01563 DSC01561 DSC01562
DSC01565 DSC01564 DSC01573
DSC01574 DSC01575 DSC01576
DSC01577 DSC01578 DSC01579
DSC01581 DSC01582 DSC01586
DSC01587 DSC01588 DSC01590
DSC01592 DSC01594 DSC01595
DSC01596 DSC01597 DSC01598
DSC01637 DSC01639 DSC01634
DSC01635 DSC01636 DSC01638
DSC01600 DSC01601 DSC01631
DSC01632 DSC01640 DSC01641
DSC01610 DSC01611 DSC01617
DSC01618 DSC01619 DSC01627
DSC01628 DSC01629 DSC01630
DSC01648 DSC01649 DSC01650
DSC01651 DSC01652 DSC01653
DSC01654 DSC01656 DSC01657
DSC01566 DSC01567 DSC01570
DSC01568 DSC01569

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